COVID-19: State of Work

Why we thought a survey was needed?

It was a few weeks into the lockdown. Every conversation with a friend or a relative started with "how are you dealing with being shut within the confines of the house?". The initial comments were usually complaints about the increased household chores and being surrounded by the same people everyday. Then it shifted to work. Here is where it got interesting.

Answers were super varied. Some felt this was the best time they have had in their work-life. They had never been more productive - no colleagues "disturbing" them, no commute and working in their preferred timings.

While for others, this had spelt absolute disaster. They were working all the time and still couldn't get enough work done. Constant distractions and unable to separate work & personal time, life had become a living hell.

Satisfying the appetite of curiosity

Now, both sets of people were inquisitive to know how others were faring in their sudden remote work experience. I, personally, was curious about the drivers behind such drastically different opinions. Clearly it depended on the personality of any person. But it also depended on other factors. How supportive or prepared is the company that person works in? Or is it just the kind of work that they do; i.e. their profession?

With these questions in mind, I decided that it might make sense to actually just ask people these questions and see if some insights can be drawn. Let's dig into them shall we 😄.